This may seem a little too late but it is October!! the month of spooky stuff, Inktober, weather transition and it has officially been three years since I became a pescetarian! (〜^∇^)〜 yay!

I didn’t think I would last this long but it has been a strenuous journey. I’ve had to face many arguments, misunderstandings and constantly reminding and explaining people about my eating lifestyle. From a country that I was born in, meat has been largely associated as part of our culture, tradition and religion. Every cuisine must include chicken, lamb, beef etc… and very rarely on fish and veggies because we love our meat!


I started this journey when I was a student living abroad and it just happened that while I was studying, I decided to change my lifestyle. It wasn’t hard since I didn’t have easy access on meat and I was already eating veggies most of the time. Cutting meat out of my life was convenient for me. What I found inconvenient was how ignorant people can be when I decided to live as a pescetarian.

In spite of that, I never stopped myself from explaining extraneously about being a pescetarian. Not many people know about it. Since I don’t really have a valid reason (simply wanting to live this way is not a good enough reason), people I associate with tends to ignore it, telling me that it’s a temporary thing and you will start to miss meat after a couple of years. I only stayed quiet, smile and accept it. You must respect the opinion of others as of your own.

People who were curious about it would question about my health and other changes that has happened to my body. I don’t think it is the product of being a pescetarian but rather, practicing this type of  lifestyle has changed my eating habits to a healthier version. I became more conscious about what I consume, and ensuring that I have a balanced meal every time I cook/eat out since I know the repercussions of cutting out a big portion out of your diet can be dangerous.

When eating out, I usually have limited choices in places I can eat. Not having meat means that I would cut out fast food chains and opt for something else. Most mainstream chain restaurants advertise lots of chicken-based menus and offer nothing else. So my friends had to make sacrifices for me and find a place where I can eat but this occur very rarely (most of the times, we don’t even know what to eat and take forever to decide). Fortunately, most places will offer alternatives such as salads or tuna in their menu. Sometimes it can be troublesome, as I find myself in a predicament with my own selfishness which would cause inconveniences to everyone. At this point, if push comes to shove, I would gladly find myself another place to eat on my own to ease everyone’s mind.

I don’t like to find people blaming me/themselves that they can’t eat what they want simply because of me and I don’t ever want to give anyone the liberty to use me as an excuse of not being able to eat what they want. As a parley, I would gladly find someplace else where I can eat comfortably without feeling any resentment afterwards. This is what I have to struggle with most of the time and usually, it’s eating at a relative’s or guests. Occasionally, I find myself having no choice but to eat whatever was served and it’s nothing but meat and rice. However, it’s not like I can’t eat it but rather, after not having them for so long; the sight, taste and smell of meat has made my stomach curdle.

I am eternally grateful for my parents, mostly Mum since she was very conscious about my eating habit. She made sure that, at most times, there would be alternative to meat on the table. Frequently, I would have to prepare on my own, which I am fine with. Father, on the other hand, would often forget that I don’t eat meat and would grin to compensate for a verbal excuse lol ╮(╯∀╰)╭

This further complicate things when I have to face conservatives, mostly coming from the generations before me. Just to make things easier, I simply would say my stomach doesn’t churn well with meat and this is the lifestyle that I choose to live with. For instance, someone whom I spoke to about not eating meat would be telling me that it is wrong because you would be denying the blessings that was given to you. Hence, if the situation opposes it, I won’t retaliate unless I have a choice. I would do this out of respect because of what our ancestors had to live with when life wasn’t made to be easy.

Nothing goes to waste if you really believe in something. It may takes time, yes, time because no one can change themselves in an instant and above everything else, to believe in what you believe in. It takes longer for you to change your mind than someone else’s.

There are no regrets in what I choose to believe and practice as long as I don’t put myself  or others in danger. Over time, people who know me well respect my decision and I wouldn’t do any less than to respect them too. This doesn’t mean that I don’t cook meat. I cook meat all the time for my family and just because our lifestyle is different doesn’t mean that I should force my practice on them and vice versa. I can tell you I can cook a pretty damn good lamb shank.







Monday feels got me dancing.

I had a terrible flu last night and my face was swollen but a little bit of Loratadin did the trick. The weather today was also nice since it was raining throughout the evening!

I finally gotten around scanning my sketches. I was really into Disney princesses at one point (and still is!), so I printed a couple of Disney characters to sketch and those printouts were actually a series of artworks created by Jinka Virse Jonatan Vååtåinen

His incredible artwork inspired me to sketch again and my Monday was filled with nostalgia.



They were so unpolished since my hand is very rustic. But I hope with practice, I would be able to do better ゚*。(・∀・)゚*。

here’s to more wonderful days to come! I wish every Monday were like this. Today was exceptionally rare and I am eternally grateful (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)





Real vs. Fake Fjallraven Kanken backpack


I actually have been wanting to publish this post for quite some time but I haven’t gotten around into doing it (〃▽〃)

Recently, I have been eyeing on a Kanken bag that I saw online and after a couple of years having bought their laptop backpack series (in Ox Red and Blue Kanken), I realized that Kanken was worth the money and I wanted to own one more from their collection, the classic Kanken.


A brief history about Kanken:

Kanken bags was designed and originated from a Scandinavian country and they were designed as a schoolbag to prevent back problems among students. Nowadays, with the surge in popularity on these simplistic, minimalist and convenient bags; everyone is wearing them for any form of travelling and for carrying things. They range from mini Kankens to travellers who are seeking to travel light. Kanken has been known for their awareness in sustainability and supporting environmental awareness and last year, they set out to form a new type of bags, Re-Kanken and a special edition on raising awareness for Arctic Foxes, in which they called it ‘Save the Arctic Fox’ movement. Re-Kanken bag was designed and made using recycled materials to create an efficient bag pack, so I was very excited to see their finished products which, as expected, very stylish indeed.


Since I don’t live in any of the Scandinavian countries, I can’t even purchase them online because they don’t ship it to my country (╥_╥). I opted for a third party company which I am deeply regretful for…

The delivery took longer than expected but the state of the bag was in good condition. I was so excited to have received it finally! But I know that deep down in my heart, there is a tiny door and in that door, there is a tiny lock and upon unlocking that door, there is a torn piece of paper that said… ‘this might be fake’

And I was right…

I researched wholeheartedly about the authenticity of this bag. Someone actually commented and asked the company if their products were authentic and they said yes. If I wanted to be very picky, I could have asked them to take specific pictures of the bag so that I can judge them myself but my judgments were only based on the description, one picture and the credibility of the company itself. I also had a backup plan if all else fails, since the website had a 7-day returns policy, I figured I should build my case (yes… I am passive-aggressive like that) (◣∀◢)ψ

Since I have the original Kanken bag for comparison, this was the perfect opportunity to show the degree of authenticity between two Kanken bags which I had bought separately from two different sources.


The Kanken bag which I bought online (pictured on the left hand side) is compared to my original Kanken Laptop bag (pictured on the right hand side). I would like to start with the buttons enclosed on the handle of the bags. On my Ox Blue Red Kanken, the buttons are completely upright with the head facing towards the small zipper pocket (front side of bag). It seems that the buttons were not only enclosed sideways but the structure and shape of the foxes are also different. The buttons were not supposed to be movable.


Next, I want to talk about the interior of the bag. This was the most profound evidence that I have discovered. The spelling was off and there is no such thing as Kankemmmm. If I wasn’t sure about the buttons, I can be damn sure about the writings on the bag. I would say I didn’t catch any mistakes on the reflector logo as the company was sure about the logo being a reflector and the spelling was also correct. I was lucky enough to have kept the original tags and upon comparison, I found that the font, font size and the structure of the writings were also different to the original, this include the shape of the fox. Usually, you would look at the HRH of Sweden logo at the bottom of the tag, but because this one is so similar to the original tag, I couldn’t even differentiate had it not been for the writings.


Next! Are the zippers… the non-authentic Kanken has the logo of the fox and ‘Fjallraven’ on each side and when putting them together, it differs to the original. The original has the logo of the fox on the same side. This is the same when you flip the zipper to the other side.

Got that, bitch (¬▂¬)

It was partly my fault since I knew buying from a third party site would lead me to this. I was hoping for a silver lining. I had the bag returned and fair enough, they didn’t even asked for an explanation so I didn’t bother sending them this page-of-unnecessary-rants.

Though now you see the importance of having conscience about buying products that is worth your money. Not to mention, supporting what the company represents and being aware of your rights as consumers. Luckily, I didn’t have any trouble dealing with this company as compared to many many previous online purchases that I’ve made before. I find it so hard to trust products that are sold online, unless I have been and seen the actual product in store, then I wouldn’t have to worry.

At the same time, if you are unsatisfied with the product, don’t go full Super Saiyan on the company just because it’s not what you expected. Instead, calmly explain the 5 W’s associated with the product and find an agreement halfway.

The story ended with me buying a classic Kanken “Save the Artic Fox” collection from a legit online store from the UK (ノ・ェ・)ノ hehe ☆



It has been a while since I publish a post in this blog. I have so many stories to tell but conveying into words seems to be really hard nowadays.

It was exceptionally sweltering hot today so I couldn’t do much but rather staying at home and entertain myself. I ended up organizing my laptop and external hard drives and still haven’t finished it yet since I have so many files/folders (ꈍ .̮ ꈍ)


I also made scones! it wasn’t as fluffy as Martha Stewart’s or Jamie Oliver’s but it was certainly edible for a first timer! ┗(`・ω・´)┛Unfortunately, I didn’t make it from scratch so there are no recipes to be included in this post. I bought a scone mix and only needed to add water to prepare them. I also added a couple of fillings such as cranberries and chocolate chips for added varieties.


The scones didn’t exactly expanded as you would expect, which I think it was because I didn’t knead it long enough but the taste was the same. I also cut it into squares for no reason. Such good snacks for tea! I never really liked scones from the shops because they can get really mushy in my mouth and I would get really thirsty since they’re so dry. But these scones were particularly dense and it was more like dough biscuits to me. still dry though, I think that’s the main appeal of a scone.

As expected from the weather today, the sky started to pour heavily, soaking the dry earth with droplets of water. It was the perfect weather for me and I sit listening to lofi music while enjoying the view.



my [♥] for analogue photography

The first time that I was exposed to the realm of analogue photography was in my last year of high school. A friend brought to school a lomo camera called fisheye 02. It was seriously really cool back then when lomography just started to become increasingly popular. Just like the surge of Beyblade and Yu-Gi-Oh cards (I know these are old references but it was pretty big back then and I consider Yu-Gi-Oh to be evergreen), everybody had to have one of those toy cameras. Diana-F and Holga cameras were big then but I was more fascinated with fisheyes because of the fish-eyed effect it has on your picture.


fisheye 01 (front and back)

It was enjoyable because I didn’t have to think and just shoot – the rule of thumb in lomography –  this toy camera was designed for its simplicity, durability and swiftness in taking pictures without much of a second thought on exposure, shutter speed or focal length – very handy – 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

then I longed for something more adventurous and challenging. I don’t know how it started but I was going through old photographs in Grandfather’s old camera box and our conversation just started snowballing from there. Grandfather mentioned something about his analogue camera that he used to take those photos and after rummaging through his cupboard, we found his old Yashica FX-7 analogue camera. The condition was absolutely great, except for minor damages which were easily fixed.

Ola! My name is Yashica FX-7 and I have been used for three generations! 

Yashica FX-7 was hardwork for me. Grandfather used to tell me that I have to steady myself before taking any pictures. I also had some wisdom passed on by some of the lads who has a camera shop in my area. I spent an ample time listening to them explaining to me what each of the functions on the camera does. It was all too technical for me but basically the conclusion is that taking pictures with an analogue camera like this one is like becoming a sniper; take a deep breath, focus, hold your breath and shoot – among some other minor adjustments – 

At first I was nervous because I have no prior knowledge but in time, I managed to learn and importantly, accept that not all pictures can turn out exactly how you want it to be, but that’s the magic! (^ω^)

this was my second try which I tried to make it light and easy so I took landscape-based photos because there were no movable objects, except for the cat – which clearly at that time, was very awry of me because she had kittens – (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

using Yashica was really good but I had to bring an extra load of tripod and a flash device for it so it wasn’t very convenient, especially when you want to travel by foot plus carrying some shizz on my bag pack. I used Yashica for good couple of years until I found another one (♥ω♥*) (*♥ω♥) (♥ω♥*)

Hei! I am Zenit-E and I was born to commemorate the 1980 Olympics in Russia!

Zenit-E was the result of my impulse buying trip switch during one evening walk to the second-hand store I frequently visited. I love finding treasures and it turned out to be one of me lucky days – not so much for my savings – because vintage cameras were almost always sold out immediately after they have it on display┗(^o^ )┓三

Zenit-E was convenient for me because I didn’t have to bring a tripod or a flash device. It’s well-proportioned and I was able to balance it as I shoot. This was a good camera that I’m glad I bought it. Inserting the film and rewinding it was a chore but the result of the  photographs that I have taken so far were so amateurishly beautiful ( ꈍ .̮ ꈍ)

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My second attempt after a couple of experimental shoots, this film attempt was dedicated to the things that I found serene, peaceful and free


For now, I may just start using more of Zenit-E because I found it more exciting and in terms of technicality, I found it easier maneuvering Zenit-E as compared to the Yashica FX-7.

I still have a couple of other analogue cameras which is a different story (•ө•)♡♡♡

But I am eternally grateful for being able to uphold the legacy that was left behind by Grandfather. I am still learning and shooting photos using my analogue cameras and as compared to my digital cameras, it made me feel more conscious about what I feel, I perceive and what I want to convey. On the contrary, I could have saved so much time, effort and money by just using my digital cameras but instead, I found using analogue cameras so much more refreshing. I wasn’t aiming for perfection as I would with my digital cameras because I would take so many shots and filtering them to find the best one. There was no need with analogues, as I found that modesty is perfection.

 I guess this is what you call evergreen.

Here’s to more exciting and sanguine life through my lens (ᏊꈍꈊꈍᏊ)